Disney Celebrates 100th Anniversary with Neumann MCM and Merging Anubis Venue Mission

Disney Celebrates 100th Anniversary with Neumann MCM and Merging Anubis Venue Mission

Neumann's miniature microphones enhance the sound of the string orchestra


Who would have thought that Mickey Mouse, born in 1928, would be as old as Neumann? At this point, the Walt Disney Company was already in its fifth year of existence, having been founded in 1923. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Disney organized a huge concert event in Paris, featuring 150 orchestral and band musicians and a choir of 350 singers.

An innovative approach was taken to ensure that each of the 26,000 seats in the La Défense Arena had optimal sound. The strings were picked up with 50 Neumann MCM clip microphones, and no less than 41 Merging Anubis audio interfaces were used, running the newly developed Venue Mission as a state-of-the-art preamp/audio-over-IP/monitoring solution.

Read all about it in this month's issue of Production Partner magazine:

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