Mariah Carey Already Uses the new Neumann KK 105 U Capsule Head

Mariah Carey Already Uses the new Neumann KK 105 U Capsule Head

The brand new Neumann KK 104/105 U capsule heads for wireless systems are already gaining top-level recognition


Even before its official launch at NAMM 2024, Mariah Carey has used the KK 105 U on stage for her Christmas show at Madison Square Garden and subsequent concerts. It certainly is the perfect fit for her vocal artistry!

Mariah Carey’s FOH Phillip Strong is blown away: “I’ve been a huge Neumann fan throughout my years mixing. The new KK 105 U, native for Shure Axient systems, is a welcome addition and truly exceptional. The capsule is crafted second to none while sonically it’s incredibly clear, natural, super tight, and built with very high gain before feedback. I’m thrilled with it.”

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Previously, Neumann capsule heads were exclusive to Sennheiser wireless systems. The new KK 104/105 U models make Neumann sound available for third-party systems, too, i.e. Shure, Sony, Mipro and Lectrosonics. This is exciting news for artists and engineers looking to upgrade their existing wireless systems.

Standard colors for Neumann capsule heads are black and nickel matte, but other finishes are possible via Neumann’s Made-to-Order Service (MTO). Mariah Carey custom ordered her KK 105 U in a stunning shiny chrome – a brilliant choice! Doesn’t it look beautiful?

KK 105 U in chrome, custom built for Mariah Carey by Neumann MTO (Made To Order)
KK 105 U in chrome, custom built for Mariah Carey by Neumann MTO (Made To Order)

Of course, existing capsule heads for Sennheiser hand transmitters continue to be available, but with the addition of KK 104/105 U capsule heads, studio sound on stage can become a reality for everyone, regardless of the wireless system used.

Neumann’s Family of Capsule Heads for Wireless

  • KK 104 S (cardioid) and KK 105 S (supercardioid) for Sennheiser SKM 5000 and 5200 handheld transmitters
  • KK 204 (cardioid) and KK 205 (supercardioid) for Sennheiser SKM 2000/6000/9000 and EW G4 300/500 and EW-D wireless systems
  • KK 104 U (cardioid) and KK 105 U (supercardioid) for Sony (all models), Lectrosonics (all models), Mipro (ACT Series), and Shure (Axient Digital, ULX-D, QLX-D und SLX-D Series) – available from end of February 2024.


About Neumann

Georg Neumann GmbH, known as “Neumann.Berlin”, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of studio-grade audio equipment and the creator of recording microphone legends such as the U 47, M 49, U 67, and U 87. Founded in 1928, the company has been recognized with numerous international awards for its technological innovations. Since 2010, Neumann.Berlin has expanded its expertise in electro-acoustic transducer design to also include the studio monitor market, building upon the legacy of the legendary loudspeaker innovator Klein + Hummel. The first Neumann studio headphones were introduced in 2019, and since 2022, the company has increased its focus on reference solutions for live audio. With the introduction of the first audio interface MT 48, and its revolutionary converter technology, Neumann now offers all the necessary technologies needed to capture and deliver sound at the highest level. Georg Neumann GmbH has been part of the Sennheiser Group since 1991 and is represented worldwide by the Sennheiser network of subsidiaries and long-standing trading partners.

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