What’s a guy to do when the band has a day off in Berlin while on tour? “Visit his favorite microphone company”, jokes guitarist Ted Sablay, who was on a European tour with The Killers at the time. And so together with drummer ­Ronnie Vannucci, guitarist Robbie Connolly and backing singers Danielle Withers and Erica Canales, he popped down to the Leipziger Straße. The tour took them through test laboratories and the development and service departments.

At the heart of development

How does Neumann check microphones, test circuitry, check materials? Neumann’s engineers in the development department explain. Ted Sablay and Erica Canales are left open-mouthed: “We had no idea how rigorous the testing is — we are musicians, not technicians.”

Unusual experiences

Fancy trying out acoustics and voice with a U 67 from the 1960s? No problem. In the low-reflection measuring room, Danielle Withers and Erica Canales do something they have never experienced before.

“Wait, you sell monitors too?”

A surprise for Ronnie Vannucci and Ted Sablay: in the testing room, Medzid ­Veseli presents the monitor loudspeakers from Neumann’s KH series using a song by Toto. “That was the biggest surprise”, says Ted afterwards. “We didn’t know the monitor series and are pretty excited about what we’ve heard.”

Say “Hi” to high expectations

In the development department, the musicians can directly compare the original version of the U 67 and the new version from 2018. And they are astonished when they see the series of tests which ran for months until the new design fulfilled in-house standards.

Meeting legends

Stop-off at the glass display cabinet on the 4th floor, with Neumann development highlights and a behind-the-scenes look at service.

“We had a blast!”

A farewell by the Wall of Fame. From left: Mark Fölsener (Head of Marketing), Ted Sablay, Robbie Connolly, Ronnie Vannucci, Danielle Withers and Erica Canales as well as Medzid Veseli (Head of Service). The guests are is delighted: “Even if you don’t understand all the details and machines: this exceeded our expectations. I recommend this to everyone”, says Ted Sablay — who loves his U 87, while Ronnie prefers his U 47/U 67 in most situations.