In cooperation with the Sennheiser Sound Academy, Neumann offered detailed webinars on basics of microphone technology. In three one-hour sessions, trainer John McGregor discussed all important aspects of Neumann studio microphones: Starting with the most important theoretical principles, through practical tips and application hints, to product care and maintenance.

The three webinars in English took place between 3 and 24 April. Soon we will make the recordings of these webinars available to everyone. Information about the recordings will be published on this page as soon as they are available.

An overview of all free Sennheiser SoundAcademy webinars can be found here:


Under the hashtag #AtHomeWithNeumann, we are also producing and releasing numerous additional short videos with sound engineers on various aspects of recording these weeks here.

We would also like to recommend the 14 video tutorials of our Home Studio Academy.


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